What you can expect

  • A written summary of treatment
  • Communication if there are any concerns

Referral back if unsuccessful and/or advice that a specialist referral may be

What to expect:

Your first appointment will be booked for one hour.  In that time we will review the history of your problem and what your concerns and expectations are.

You will receive an explanation of what therapy we can offer you and advice where appropriate.

Usually, you will then have a simple internal examination to assess the pelvic floor- no equipment (i.e. speculum) is used so it should be quite comfortable- this is the only way to accurately assess the pelvic floor muscles as they are internal muscles.  If you are very uncomfortable with this a visual examination can give some information.

Depending on the result of the examination you will receive a personalised exercise and management programme.

 How often will I need to come for consultations?

Generally most people will only require about 8 treatments over a 5-7 month time period.  Follow-up appointments are 30 minutes.

You will be given a written programme of your exercises/ management to enable you to work independently between reviews.

What if I can’t work my pelvic floor?

Don’t worry – we have equipment which will help you activate the muscles until you can do it by yourself.

Will it work?

The optimum outcome from rehabilitation requires the exercise programme to continue for 5-6 months.

Research has shown that in a 5 year follow-up after participation in an intensive exercise programme there was a success rate of 60% after cessation of formal treatment (70% of the participants were still exercising at least once a week independently)

We look forward to having the opportunity to positively change your quality of life.


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