Activities and Injuries

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We all know that people are living a lot longer these days, – and older people are more active than previously.

I know people in their 80s who still enjoy skiing, belong to walking groups, play tennis and keep up with their house and garden maintenance. Of course, all these activities can cause injuries that are ACTIVITY, NOT AGE RELATED. Don’t put all your aches and pains down to age. Physiotherapy can often alleviate the problems and we can show you how to prevent further problems and develop more strength and endurance for your activities.

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore, sign up for something you enjoy, – line dancing, ball room dancing, swimming, Yoga or Tai Chi. Tai chi is a great exercise – slow and graceful (for control and co ordination) – originally a Chinese martial art, it also helps reduce stress and improves balance.

Yoga is great to maintain the flexibility we all seem to lose.

TIP: from about 50 years old your balance deteriorates fairly rapidly (thus the increase chance of falls). So, pick up some form of exercise that challenges your balance – you can also practice standing on one leg while brushing your teeth, putting on socks etc. Come and see us and we can give lots of ideas for balance exercises for you to do at home.