ACC Claims

ACC claims

    • ACC will provide partial cover for your accident
    • Physiotherapists as primary providers can lodge your claim

A claim may be lodged through a health provider such as a physiotherapist or a GP.  Generally this is whoever you see first for the injury.

To qualify you need to have had an accident occurring at a specific time, involving an external force.  For example: I was  playing soccer, I was tackled and fell, hurting my ankle.

Tennis injuries - Central City PhysioIf you are not sure whether you have a legitimate ACC claim you can speak to us about how the injury occurred.  If your claim is accepted you will be allocated a certain number of treatments, depending on the diagnosis.  These range between 8 and 16 treatments.

Please be aware that ACC will decline your claim if they deem it a gradual process injury (has come on gradually over days, weeks or months). Remember “A” stands for accident

If you have reached the maximum number of treatments for your injury, your physiotherapist can request further treatments.  We will have collected outcome measures to assist ACC in their decision-making process.

At Central City Physiotherapy we find that ACC are reasonably fair about this process.Give your peak performance - Central City Physio

ACC is a great privilege for New Zealanders.  Yes we pay for it in our levies, but on the whole, it seems to work well for most of us.

ACC treatment prices

ACC provides partial cover for your physiotherapy appointments.

All of our appointments are 30 minutes, while many other local practices only have 15-20 minute follow up appointments. You can be sure that your concern gets the attention and thought it deserves at Central City Physiotherapy Clinic.

ACC first consultation                                 $52.00
ACC follow up consultation                        $45.00

If you are unable to come into the clinic we offer Telehealth / video call consultations. ACC initial and follow up Telehealth consultations are $40.