Workstation Ergonomics

There’s a mouse in my office!

Why shoulder & neck pain may be a result of those pesky creatures

Workplace Ergonomics - Central City PhysiotherapyWorkstation ergonomics covers the issues associated with the humble mouse. They’re everywhere you look these days- rampant in office cubicles, even invading our homes! While the majority sit quietly on our keyboard tray, some like to hang out on our desk or other near by locations. Seemingly harmless, these pesky little creatures can often cause unnecessary pain and tension in the shoulders, neck and upper back.

A growing number of computer users are suffering from neck and/or shoulder conditions directly related to incorrect working postures and chronic repetitive strain. This strain can lead to chronic muscle tightness and spasm in the shoulders and neck.

This may eventually lead to arm pain and even weakness in your hands. Be sure to seek help from a Physiotherapist if your painHeavy lifting - Central City Physioyherapy is persisting or worsening.

What can you do to avoid this? Just follow the principles of workstation ergonomics.

Be sure your workstation is set up for you! Follow the 90 degree rule at your desk to avoid unnecessary upper body strain and tension.

Knees, hips, and elbows should all be at 90, when sitting up straight in your chair.

If you need to raise your chair to accommodate your elbows, try placing old telephone books under your feet so you can reach the floor comfortably. Placing your mouse directly beside your keyboard will help avoid any unnecessary movements between the two and will keep your elbow at 90° when using the mouse.