Biking injuries - Central City PhysiotherapyCommon problems associated with cycling and mountain biking:

Knee and hip pain

This is often due to muscle imbalances or poor bike set up.

Back and neck pain

Correct cycling posture is vital to avoid these problems and the continued jarring of mountain biking can severely exaggerate the problems. Stiff hips can also cause you to bend more in your spine which will cause discomfort and pain.

Sprains and bruises when you fall

Falling onto outstretched hand will often cause shoulder and neck problems. Remember your neck can be damaged by the impact translated up through the arm. The sooner you seek treatment for this, the sooner we’ll have you back on your bike pain free!

Nerve irritation

Pins and needles or numbness are common symptoms with nerve irritation or entrapment.  Sustained pressure or positioning may cause these problems.Cycling injuries - Central City Physiotherapy

Common sites for cyclists are:

    • The outside of your hand (especially for road cyclists
    • The neck
    • The pudendal nerve (due to extended time on a hard saddle – this nerve supplies your perineum and all your sex bits!) 

Your physiotherapist at Central City Physiotherapy Clinic can help advise and treat for all these problems.