Top Sports Injuries

Ankle Sprain

Normally caused by rolling your ankles.

Important to make sure it fully resolves as a lack of ankle movement can cause knee or foot problems.

Tip/      If you’re playing netball, soccer or any contact sport wear the correct shoes and make sure you have strong ankle, lower leg and foot muscles – if you do roll your ankle rehabilitation should strengthen these muscles.

Knee Ligament Injuries

Normally as a result of cutting or fast changes in direction – common in netball, basketball and soccer.

Tip/ Make sure you’re fit before the season starts – work on strength, endurance and flexibility.

Shoulder Injuries – the dreaded rotator cuff

Not just seen in sports injuries – our most common injury at the Clinic.  Just “overdoing it” can damage the cuff – the small muscles weren’t designed for hard work.

Tip/      Don’t suddenly play tennis/golf/squash or swim for a lot longer than you’re used to and don’t overdo the weights at the gym – your good posture and form is vital to help avoid these injuries.

Low Back Disorders

80 percent of the population suffer from low back pain in their lives – and 80 percent of those have recurring problems.  Often caused by poor posture or sports technique and muscle imbalances.

If you have a low back problem you should seek help to sort it out properly and get advice on how to prevent those all too common recurrences.

Neck Pain

A real ‘pain in the neck’.  Often caused by poor flexibility or sudden movements.


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