Sports Physio and Massage in Wellington

Sports massage prepares athletes for their best performance through fatigue reduction techniques and muscle pain relief. Central City’s sports massage in Wellington also helps alleviate the pain of training while preventing injuries that will affect the player’s capability. It also improves blood circulation and your lymphatic system, promoting enhanced capabilities.

Heavily exercised muscles require massages to retain their capability. Central City’s sports physio in Wellington relieves the body from excess pain, encouraging improved performance.

Athlete shooting hoops

1. Diagnose your injury.

2. Time frame of rehabilitation.

How long will you be off sport?
Do you need to be off?
What else could you do safely to maintain fitness?

3. Monitor your rehabilitation and treat appropriately to minimise time off the field.

4. Instruction as to which exercises, stretches and strengthening are best suited to you and your sport.

5. Screen the full musculoskeletal system to identify any weakness and prevent injury.

6. Education about injury management, prevention and maximising sporting performance.

Initial treatment

The first 24-48 hours is crucial in the effective management of any soft tissue injury.

For sprains, strains, and bruises start the R.I.C.E.D. programme.


The injured tissue must have time to heal.


10-15 minutes every 1-2 hours.  Cold reduces the pain, causes contraction of blood vessels to reduce bleeding and swelling.


Use a moderately firm bandage to control swelling.


Elevate the injured area above the level of the heart.

Skiing and boarding - Central City Physiotherapy


An accurate diagnosis by a doctor or physiotherapist will identify the expected duration off sport and appropriate management options.



    • Correct warm up and cool down exercises;
    • Appropriate footwear;
    • Wearing protective clothing i.e. shin pads, eye goggles;
    • Sport specific conditioning and stretching.