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Positional Statement

Central City Physiotherapy provides injury management for all people wanting fast, effective help to return to their full activities. We spend extra time to ensure complete recovery and prevention of recurrence to keep you at peak performance so you enjoy life to the full – because your body deserves the best of care.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that Central City Physiotherapy will be recognized as the premier provider of musculo-skeletal physiotherapy services in the region.

Mission Statement

  • Central City Physiotherapy will be the provider of choice for the services we offer.
  • Current clients will recommend our service to other clients.
  • Other physiotherapists and health professionals will respect the skill level within the practice and may refer clients for a second opinion.
  • Centrally located businesses will feel assured that their employees receive the highest standard of care when attending the Clinic. They will also be confident that any ongoing referrals or onsite management required will be organised.
  • G.P.s and health professionals will choose Central City Physiotherapy as the clinic of choice for clients in the Central City region.

Running Injuries

We will identify the technical nature of the problem and what structure(s) needs attention like Shin splints/running problems

4 sure signs you may not be getting the most enjoyment out of your running ………….

Advice for athletes who take their running seriously, train regularly and enjoy a healthy lifestyle …… BUT are still not reaching their peak performance.

Here’s the simple solution

You can tackle these problems easily, quickly and affordably.

The answer lies in identifying the cause of the problem with a full muscle imbalance and biomechanical assessment.

You will feel better than ever and get even more enjoyment from your running.

You will receive full advice on how to safely progress your training regime following injury.

Call the TEAM at

Central City Physiotherapy
Now on  499-3504
and take action to reach
YOUR peak performance


Highest Standard

Our Central City team are highly experienced and motivated physiotherapists. All have or are working towards post graduate qualifications, offering you a holistic approach towards recovery.Each physiotherapist offers special skills as well as a broad range of experience. Our commitment to clinical excellence requires continually upgrading skills and keeping up to date with the latest research. We hold regular in house training and attend weekend courses along with national and international scientific conferences.


Active Lifestyle

If you are recovering from injury it is vital you know what to do to improve. Central City Physiotherapists do not just consider your sport interests but provide a professional sport specific fitness programme
– more than just a good work out plan. We also assess your possible predisposition to injuries and related problems and look at your total health.



Why massage? Massage is excellent for relaxation and stress relief, which we all know we could do with. Tight, sore muscles respond very well to massage and myofascial techniques for reduction of stress and tension. Massage is also very useful for the sports person who may be experiencing tightness and extra soreness in certain muscle groups. Physiotherapists are highly qualified in the diagnosis of soft tissue damage and postural problems. As such, your massage will be fine tuned to your personal needs for maximum benefit. Whether you require relaxation “time out”, relief of muscle tension or release of those “muscle knots”, massage by a physiotherapist may well be the answer for you.

Who is it for? Anyone and Everyone!

  • The stressed or busy work person – those with occupational soreness • Athletes – for general sports massage or pre/post events
  • If you’re looking for personal “time out”
  • Those needing relief of muscle ache in conjunction with another condition
  • Women during pregnancy
  • Someone looking for a treat – for yourself, a friend or a loved one.

What to expect Professional treatment in a private room. No undue body exposure is required.  One of the fundamental skills of physiotherapy is therapeutic massage. We have a committed interest in your total wellbeing and will be able to advise you of any niggles or pains that may require specific treatment. Otherwise, you can lie back and relax knowing your body is in very experienced hands.

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