Pregnancy and postnatal discomfort

Back and pelvic pain

Back and pelvic pain often accompanies pregnancy as your body, weight and centre of gravity change. There is also a known interaction between hormones and the changes in pelvic joints, muscles and abdominal organs during and following pregnancy.

Back or pelvic pain can be experienced in a variety of locations and may be mild or quite severe.

Treatment is not just about reducing pain but also about regaining the ability to use your body effectively and prevent any worsening of symptoms as pregnancy progresses.

All treatments include self management strategies and advice on movement / activity modifications and muscle strengthening. We also have braces which may be helpful.

Pelvic organ prolapse

Some degree of Pelvic organ prolapse is common following vaginal births. The position of your organs and extent of any prolapse is assessed at the time of examination. Advice on activity management and pelvic floor strengthening to  reduce the symptoms you feel of these prolapses is established at your first appointment.

We look at ways to rehabilitate your muscles and restore soft tissue integrity and function. Onward referral to specialists is discussed if appropriate.

Rectus Diastisis (abdominal muscle separation)

Rectus Diastisis often occurs following pregnancy and is most often easily rectified with the correct exercise program and activity management. We assess this and offer exercise prescription and advice. The latest research and evidence based treatment protocols are used.